People we frequently think and talk with:

From Callan Institute, Saint John of God Community Services:

Caroline Dench, Helen Crowley, Gillian Martin and Christina Doody

Some of our contributors to date:

Avril Webster, Professor Mary McCarron of IDS TILDA, Gary La Vigna of IABA, Psychologist Matthew Spicer Psychologist, staff of Carmona school Glenageary, Aimee Richardson, Brian Mc Clean, Simon Harris, Dr. Keith McVilly, The Speak Up Council St John of God.


Meet the founders of All About Dis' 

About Pádraig

Pádraig Walsh is the joint founder of All About Dis', main interviewer and the voice behind our podcasts.

He just loves listening to people's stories, learning from them along the way. He is passionate about his work with people who have a disability and believes that everyone's story deserves to be heard.

Pádraig is a Behaviour Support Specialist working across Ireland with people who may have a disability. Pádraig has presented extensively at conferences on the effectiveness of Positive Behaviour Support in Quality of Life improvement in Ireland, Australia, Singapore and the UK. Pádraig also lectures on the Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis at NUI Galway and on the Doctorate of Clinical Psychology at University of Limerick. 

About Amy

Amy O'Dwyer is joint founder and our producer and behind the scenes worker bee here at All About Dis'.

Amy is an artistic sort, who loves an adventure and hearing people's stories. A bit of a perfectionist, she keeps Padraig in line, cracking the whip when he veers off topic.

She's worked in radio as a news broadcaster with FM104, Q102, East Coast FM and currently co-produces & presents the Breakfast show on Spirit Radio. 

She loves a good podcast and produced The Stage Door Arts Show.